Sunday, December 7, 2008

How I Became a School Social Worker

When I was in my second year of my three year external degree program at CSUS I overheard a classmate talking about how she was going to be able to get an additional credential - a PPS in school social work. Long believing that the more letters a woman has behind her name, the better her chances of making a living wage, I inquired about the PPS. By taking additional classes and doing a school based internship supervised by someone with the PPS I would be eligible to apply to the California State Teacher Credentialing Commission for my school social work credential.

Delighted, I applied for and was accepted into the program. Those of us on the North Coast were truely fortunate to have Marianne Pennekamp, Ph.D as our professor. The breadth of her knowledge and the warmth of her heart were and are inspirational. Throughout my internship and my 11 year career in the schools I have frequently found myself hearing her voice and applying her teaching in my work with children, families, and school systems.

My work in the schools challenges, invigorates, and deeply satisfies me. Practice in the school enables me to engage with key systems impacting children's' development - the individual, peers, classroom, school, family, and community. Daily I am able to apply ecological systems concepts as I work with my team to develop the best possible fit between the needs of the child and the many systems they are part of.

Having come to enjoy and appreciate the possibilities of the blogging venue, I plan on using this school social work blog to reflect upon my work in the schools and organize the resources I find helpful in my practice.

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